Ghar ki Khati Seed Kit

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An Exotic Collection of SeedsCurated by Tofiq Pasha Moraj 

Tofiq Pasha’s World brings a one time, limited quantity, fun seed collection. Almost all these seeds have been collected either from the wild or been grown by us. Cultivated Cotton & Marigold are the only two that have been sourced from commercial seed suppliers. Do remember that we are not in commercial seed business and this is just an initiative to assist you as a hobbyist. 

The first 25 people to buy the full set will get access to an exclusive workshop conducted by Tofiq Pasha himself! 

Indigenous Trees : Kandi, Parkensonia , Desi Keekar, Gol Keekar , Long Keekar , Sari (Rain Tree)

Novelty : Elephant Creeper, Wild Basil, Jetropha (Biodiesel)

Fruits : Khirni, Goondhi, Falsa, Jungle Jalaybe 

Flowers + Bhajitable : Sunflower ,Marigold, Onion,  Rain Lilly 

Miscellaneous : Desi Castor, Red Flowering Cotton , Cultivated Cotton, Manjli, Kachnar

Exotic Indigenous :  Lotus Seed (Nelumbo), Mazari Palm (Nannorrhops ritchiana), Senegalia Senegal

We have created a special album of pictures and other information for all these seeds on Facebook ,
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