Reusable Nursing Pads/ Wipes (Pair)

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Code Green's luxurious soft and super large (4.7inch / 12 cm diameter) reusable nursing / makeup / baby bum pads have been especially designed to be this multipurpose! 

Hemp Cotton (purple thread) - one side features soft, woven hemp cotton and the other side is a fluffy hemp cotton fleece.* This type is the most thickest and absorbent. 

For nursing mothers: this type is really good fit for those with heavy leaks between breastfeeds. Being thicker, they may also look a little bulky and prominent under tight clothing. 

For facial use: recommended for applying and removing thick face masks / creams. Also great for generally removing makeup.

Bamboo Cotton (green thread): one side features soft, woven bamboo cotton and the other side is a fluffy bamboo cotton fleece.* This type is super absorbent but not as thick to the touch as Hemp Cotton. 

For nursing mothers: best for women with medium leakage, or for those with light leakage looking for longer protection. 

For facial use: Great for all sorts of make up removal, toner application, and removing masks/creams. 

Pure Cotton (blue thread): both sides are the same soft, woven cotton material like our very popular smaller reusable makeup wipes. This type is the thinnest to the touch. 

For nursing mothers: ideal for those looking for minimal protection or who need something that feels less bulky. 

For facial use: best for removing makeup or applying toner since any liquid remover / toner doesn't "hold" too much in the middle layers. 

For babies: all three types are safe to use as reusable wipes for baby bums/face/hand/nose, with the pure cotton one being the best fit due to its minimal absorption (compared to Bamboo Cotton and Hemp Cotton). Immediate rinse recommended after usage (can be washed at the end of the day with the other reusable baby wipes). Please do not use the same wipe for bum and face/hand/nose purposes. 

 Wash instructions: The recommended washing guidelines for these are to scrub immediately after usage with natural laundry powder or detergent, thoroughly wash and rinse with luke warm to hot water, and dry under the sun. You can also soak in cold water after usage to minimize stains (leaving the wet pads out in the sun to dry will also help lighten stains). If used for just toner, they may be used a few times before washing. 

Code Green recommends washing these before use (as with all new cloth products), and also "patch testing" them. These pads may lose their perfectly round shape after being washed but can be ironed straight (but why waste energy resources on that?). The material for all three types also get more softer and absorbent over time.

* The fleece side is fluffy / fuzzy which makes it ridiculously soft and gentle to the touch. It is absolutely normal for small tuffs to come out when you pull at them (we don't recommend this!), or even during regular use. Code Green suggests storing these in a container to avoid dust particles from catching on to them. 

Manufacturing Partner Code Green