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Your local compost hero is now also your neighbourly sustainable waste partner! 

Powered by TrashIt,  Trash on Wheelz (TOW)  enables communities to save their waste from ever-growing garbage mountains that we call landfills. TOW is a comprehensive waste collection service that engages the community while ensuring that your waste is responsibly and safely processed.

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 Collective action at the community level... that's where YOU come in.  

TOW steers communities towards conscious consumerism. Here's some of the positive outcomes of sustainable living:

Reduce demands on finite natural resources-  and associated environmental impacts of extracting and processing those resources.

Minimise greenhouse gas emissions-   associated with waste collection, transportation, burning, landfill, ... )

Encourage social inclusion and economic development-  through a circular economy, creating 10x more jobs than mixed disposal. 

Knowledge is power- understanding amount and type of waste increases operational efficiency while reducing environmental costs.           

Improve standard of living-   visibly more pleasant environment and decrease in land, air and water pollution, germs and disease.

Reduce energy used in creating new materials-  recycled aluminium cans use 95% less energy than virgin aluminium.

Start taking responsibility for the waste your community produces 

The TOW Breakdown

TOW is encouraging a circular economy tackling resource use, consumption and waste. Closing material loops by maintaining the value of products and resources in society for as long as possible.

TOW is effectively reducing waste sent to landfill, use of virgin materials and the associated pressures on society and nature.


An initial discussion to familiarise our teams and understand each other's communities.  Let's brainstorm a plan tailored to your needs!


On-site assessment of community and waste management culture. Recommendations provided on how to best intervene.


Both parties set a date for on-site training of staff and where applicable, community members. Training is aided by guidance resource materials .


 The last step is for both parties to clear any confusions and confirm new arrangements. Collection begins upon signing of an agreement. 

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TOW facilitates smooth transition to waste segregation in the kitchen, aided with colour-coded bins and recyclable bin liners. Guidance materials provided for reference. At the end of each month, you receive a waste data report!

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Interactive sessions to engage staff and students and implement a culture of waste segregation from school till the home. TrashIt can conduct composting workshops and also installs in-house composting setups.

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From lunchrooms to office buildings, TOW will be of service. Additionally, TrashIt conducts WASTE AUDITS to analyse waste composition and generation, providing detailed understanding of problems and identifying opportunities.

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TOW's Eco Tagged Partners

Eco Tagged partners are those spaces recognised for their commitment to sustainable waste practices and their efforts towards responsible consumption and production.

TrashIt strives to empower the individual- become an

Eco Warrior

TrashIt classifies any individual actively involved in preventing damage to the environment as an Eco Warrior.  One way you can do this is by being more responsible for waste produced at your home.

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