At Trashit we take trash and turn it into premium fertilizer allowing us to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Our business is powered by the passion and ambition to make a real impact. Join us on our journey. 

Soil Health is essential for a Healthy Plane

We enable the carbon footprint of Pakistan to go down by efficiently disposing organic trash and encouraging composting, urban farming and switching to a zero waste lifestyle. Our main focus is on reusing kitchen waste (also known as green waste) and paper scraps (referring to brown waste) to make organic compost - khaad. We do this by processing the waste in our own facility with an in-house research and developed machine, and process. 

Move towards an Organic Lifestyle; healthier, and tastier!


TrashIt Compost

Each bag of compost is wholesome, and unique. It brings with it an untold story of wasted organic matter. 


This product is a perfect fit for all your organic needs. Whether your are growing your own crops, or maintaining a garden,  T rashit's organic compost will make sure that the soil is 100% charged with the right nutrients without degrading it.


Perfect Nutrition

Made from locally sourced 100% organic waste. This compost replenishes weak soil like no other!


Well decomposed earth-smelling compost


Soil Friendly

Increases water retention of soil, boost the microbial activity, and works as a slow release soil conditioner.

There is more! We have an eco-friendly product range to help you make a difference.  Simple Small Swaps to add to your everyday life. Browse through our product catalog. 

We promote Responsible Consumption

Join us and help grow this movement!